3 skin problems that are actually psychological disorders

Portrait of an handsome expressive manNot long time ago, when there were less laboratory tests and physicians had to examine patients by analyzing the visual symptoms, skin was and is still the first thing any doctor look at. A clever physician can stun his patient by examining the skin and predicting the disease symptoms for example pale yellow skin color shows sign of anemia and dark skin under eyes reflect symptoms of jaundice. Biting lips, making lips wet from time to time, nail biting, skin biting etc, all reflect psychological disorders like frustration, stress and depression. According to an old saying ” Although health and mental problems take place inside body but skin has to bare effects of it, no matter what”.

Skin problems are infinite, but have you ever gave a thought that skin problems can be a psychological disorder? Lets look at some of the common skin problems faced by people that are actually mental disorders.

1. Feeling of “Crawling insects” on inner surface of skin.

It is a specific psychological disorder in which patient develops  illusion of “crawling insects feeling” on his skin surface. This results in continuous scratching of skin at specific times which ultimately develops into rashes. Such people have more tendency of taking shower regularly, in fact they spend more time in wash rooms than average individuals.

Studies have proved that people with such psychological disorder tend to be more disciplined, educated, well dressed and well socialized in their surroundings.

When the situation gets worst; they bring a paper filled with dead insects to their dermatologist or physician, which in reality are the broken pieces of their own skin. If a family member or any one dear try to clear his/her illusion, they react violently and sometimes finish relations with them forever.

Therefore, experts prohibit to insist or give any type of advise to such patient regarding their illusion. It can further worsen the situation.To cure such skin problems, only solution lies in convincing the patient to visit psychiatrist. No medicine, ointment or drug work in this condition.

2. Damaging skin by own self.

Creating scars on skin intentionally and in full senses can be due to emotional disorder or a clever plan to gain insurance benefits. In this condition, scars produced by knives, blades and chemicals take lot of time to heal. Affected patients, sometimes, anchor a illusionary story claiming to have some extraterrestrial life with in them which is forcing them to commit such actions. Experts have even listened “mind-made” stories of superman from affected people.

Commonly, these scars are only seen in areas where patient’s hand can easily reach for example right handed patients injure their left arm and vice versa.

Also, there are people who in teenage pierce name of someone dear into their skin. Sometimes surgery has to be done to remove these “never lasting” scars. Another horrendous situation is when mothers intentionally hurt their infants just to gain attention of their husbands. If a physician, fearlessly, highlight this condition, he had to suffer violent reaction of patient.

3. Plucking hair by own hands.

During practice, dermatologist have also encountered cases where parents bring their children complaining about bald head and hair loss. Upon examination, it is found that lost hair do not have same length, concluding that hairs have fallen at different time intervals, in fact plucked at different times.

Apparently scalp looks clear and clean from any disease. Even laboratory analysis of hair do not show any defect. Such children can be caught red handed if observed silently when they are alone.

These skin problems can be a nuisance if not properly diagnosed. Dermatologist has to be smart here and play vital role by properly interacting with the patient.