Relation Between Sleep Posture And Sleep Quality

When it comes to the sleep quality, people often talk about the topics involving the bedroom light, alcohol or caffeine, too much stress, etc. Apart from that, many other factors that have an effect on sleep quality haven’t been talked about. The sleep posture is one of the factors. This article is going to discuss what effect the sleep posture haves on our sleep.

As everyone knows, there are three primary kinds of sleepers out there including side, stomach and back. A lot of people have two or three sleep positions rather than only one. For example, Williams sleeps on his back when he gets into bed in the evening; he may find he’s sleeping on his right side when wakes up in the morning. People may change their sleep positions for some reasons. Thomas used to sleep on his back but he became a side sleeper after a back surgery.

Some people may ask: how does the sleep posture affect the sleep quality negatively? You can find the negative effect among many people. In the health forums, a large number of people complain they have back pain, headaches, etc and look for relief on the internet. Some of them don’t know their pains may be caused by improper sleep postures. All they need to do is adjust the position to get a better sleep.

Now a few people may have a question: which is the best sleep position, sleeping on one side, back or stomach? The answer is there is no best sleep position. But there is the bad position. Most people are inclined to get used to a sleep position based on the preference or comfort. If they don’t have any healthy problems, that doesn’t matter. However, if someone has a special habit, some position may be the bad one for him or her.

For a person who snores habitually, sleeping on his back is the bad posture and side sleeping is the ideal posture for this kind of people. The reason is the side sleeping doesn’t make any obstacles for people’s respiration. For some side sleepers who suffer from heartburn, sleeping on the right side should be avoided but the left side sleeping can help relieve it. Left side sleeping is also good for pregnant as it helps circulation.

Since there is no best posture out there, you don’t need to change your primary sleep posture unless you have some health problems.

Although I mentioned above a few times that the best ideal position doesn’t exist, the population of the side sleepers is much more than the population of people who sleep on the back or stomach. What most people have doesn’t mean it is the best. You don’t need to follow other people. Even if you heard different sleeping positions have some benefits, you shouldn’t follow it because the change may cause the uncomfortable feeling and lower the sleep quality.

Your bed has effect on your sleep position and affects your sleep quality. Another reason why some people complain waking up with back or shoulder pain is some of them sleep on a mattress for 10 years or more. The bed has been worn out and can’t provide support and comfort for them. That forces them to change the sleep posture to get comfort. To get a quality sleep, a good mattress is a necessity. There are hundreds and thousands of choices on the internet now and you can pick a comfortable one.

After read this article, you must have your conclusion and know how to improve your sleep quality based on sleeping posture. Keep one thing in mind that there is no best posture but an appropriate one. And the change of postures isn’t good for your body and sleep.