Top 5 Toning Tips for Women

Women all over the world want to know the secrets to slimming down and looking great. Whether it’s that new dress that they’re just barely squeezing into or those cute pants they saw at the mall, they’ve got a million different reasons that they want to cut down and look their very best.

Some women will neglect their health, starve themselves, or drive themselves near-crazy just to live up to some silly magazine image. The truth is, women can eat great, have fun exercising, get compliments all day and get perfect marks from their doctor without spending a thousand dollars or getting drastic surgery. These are the top 5 simple tips for looking like a bombshell!

Commit to Success – and Nothing Less!

The first step to getting a toned body is changing that old attitude. First and foremost, a woman has to commit herself to being healthy and fit instead of just “looking good.” It takes time and care to make that body look the way it deserves to. She has to make a promise to herself that no matter what, she’s going to make sure she’s healthy. Even if she’s still got a few extra pounds to take care of, it’s perfectly alright if she’s doing her best to be healthy!

Plan of Attack – Get Vicious & Use those Claws!

A woman has to tap into her inner lioness if she wants to get those muscles looking sleek, sexy and powerful. She has to remember that her nails aren’t just convenient places to put paint, they’re vicious tools to get stuff done! Her muscles are the exact same! She needs to remember that those muscles are there to move and look damn good while moving!

Eat like a Champion – Earn it to Eat it!

A women needs to remember that food is her best friend and her worst enemy when she’s toning her body. She needs to know that the cupcake she’s holding is what’s making all that useless, jiggly fat. A woman needs to focus on getting a healthy diet that fits her lifestyle and sticking to it! If she wants a cupcake, she’d better earn it with a hard workout! Fruits, vegetables, fish, poultry, water and healthy snacks are her best friends.

Get A Workout Buddy – Teams Make it Happen!

Sometimes, a woman is only as strong as her best friends. Studies have shown that working out with a partner improves results, keeps people motivated and makes them more likely to reach their goals. A woman needs to get a workout partner that she can motivate, so that her workout partner will motivate her right back. It’s better to look good with friends than look better alone!

Find the Right Pace, Stay Consistent and Get Toned!

The last tip for getting that perfectly toned body is a 3-for-1. Every woman’s body is a little bit different. Some girls have it easy and can’t put on a little extra fat no matter how hard they try, while other girls have to run an extra mile every day. Whatever her body type is though, a woman’s gotta find her pace. Getting toned is about working those muscles over and over again until they’re nice and lean, but still strong enough to slap the spit out of an unsuspecting purse snatcher. Once a woman finds her sweet spot, she needs to keep at it day-in and day-out until that body is a bombshell!