Why Do Women, Especially, Need Health Insurance?

Health insurance is necessary to have in order to help individuals and families cover the costs of preventive and diagnostic care, as well as treatments for illnesses and chronic diseases.  Women, however, are especially in need of health care coverage.  Therefore, if you are a woman, whether your employer provides you with health insurance or if you need to purchase your own coverage, understand that having the peace of mind that comes with a good health insurance policy is definitely worth the cost of maintaining a monthly plan.

Women without health insurance tend to wait too long before seeking treatment because they cannot afford the out-of-pocket costs that doctors are charging their uninsured patients.  Avoiding screening and care for diseases that affect women can mean a woman will allow a disease to advance beyond the stage of it being treatable or curable.

Health Insurance for Preventive Care

Women should receive pelvic exams and pap smears at least on an annual basis, to maintain reproductive health and screen for diseases such as sexually transmitted diseases and cancers.  It is also extremely important for women to have a regular breast exam and, if anything is found, such as a lump in the breast, to have diagnostic screenings through the use of ultrasounds, mammograms, and biopsies.  The earlier diseases are found, the more quickly the necessary treatments will be administered, including any recommended surgeries, and the more likely the woman will fully recover.

Most health insurance plans now cover the cost of women’s preventive care.

Birth Control Options

Whether a woman is planning on having children or not, health insurance is important to have.  A good health plan will cover the cost of prescription birth control pills and the doctor visits required to determine which form of birth control is right for the woman, from birth control shots and patches to intrauterine devices and sterilization procedures.

A woman whose menstrual cycles are not regular or who suffers from conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome can also benefit greatly from the use of birth control pills, which can properly regulate hormones.


If a woman is planning on getting pregnant, she will also need health insurance in order to cover the costs of regular visits to her doctor to monitor the growth of the fetus.  In addition, health insurance will cover the cost of the hospital stay while giving birth and recovering afterward.  Prenatal care is important not only for the child to be born healthy but also for the mother to maintain her health during and after her pregnancy.  If a woman does not receive this care, she will risk having a baby born with complications, and she will risk her own health at the same time.

Women who are planning on getting pregnant should make sure to have health insurance coverage prior to becoming pregnant.  Because pregnancy is considered a pre-existing condition, if a woman who is already pregnant tries to apply for a plan, she may be denied coverage.