Why It Is Important To Take Probiotics While on Antibiotics

Probiotic Beneficial BacteriaAt one time or another most of us will have to take antibiotics within our lifetime. Antibiotics are crucial when fighting certain types of bacterial infections. What many people may not know is that within everyone’s body there is a certain amount of healthy bacteria that is known as “probiotics.”

How Antibiotics Work

Antibiotics serve one purpose and that is to kill bacteria. Unfortunately, antibiotics can not differentiate between the good bacteria and the bad. Antibiotics are essential as if the bad bacteria spreads to the body, diseases can cause much harm. Our immune system is the number one defense against this harmful bacteria, but sometimes it is not enough and antibiotics are needed.

Good Bacteria Vs. Bad Bacteria

In a healthy body, there is as many as 300 different types of microorganisms that live. Some of the good bacteria that is included in these microorganisms include lactobacillus and bifidus. These good bacteria provide numerous health benefits and can help regulate healthy digestion, increase the immune system of the body, and much more. Bad bacteria can also be in the body and some of the most notable forms include salmonella or clostridia. A healthy body contains a large amount of good bacteria. There are factors which can decrease the good bacteria, some including have a large amount of stress or taking antibiotics.

Problems Caused By Lack of Beneficial Bacteria

Like stated earlier, antibiotics has no way of telling the good bacteria from the bad and will wipe out all the bacteria. Because of this, there can be side effects when taking antibiotics. One of the most popular side effects is antibiotic-associated diarrhea. This is a big one and anyone who has gone through having this knows that it is no fun. Infants and children commonly have diarrhea after taking antibiotics and no one like seeing their child in pain.

How To Replenish The Good Bacteria

The good news is that there is a very effective way of replenishing the good bacteria such as acidophilus and bifidus. You guessed it, by taking probiotics! Probiotics can be taken in either pill or powder form. The pills are much easier to manage and take and are usually less expensive, while the powders are nice because you can mix them in smoothies or use them for other cooking projects. Powders are more expensive but are more powerful. By taking probiotics, you can reduce the side effects of taking antibiotics, which is one of the main reasons why it is so crucial to take probiotics while on antibiotics. The next time you have to go on antibiotics or a loved one is currently taking them, remember to stock up on your supply of probiotics!